Apartment Clean Out and Property Manager Clean Up Services Portland

Apartment Clean Out

When you need an apartment clean out in Portland, you want fast, efficient, reliable service. With Charlie & Sons on your side, you get all three. We’ve been providing Portland with comprehensive apartment clean outs since 1994. Depending on the state of the apartment, clean outs in Portland can be labor intensive and present a number of hazards. There are some excellent reasons to choose our professional servicesĀ for your apartment clean out.

Property Manager Clean Up Portland

Property Manager Clean Up

  • Safety – Apartment clean out in Portland frequently require heavy lifting and the navigation of tight spaces. Couches and heavy appliances can be difficult to move, requiring experience and expertise. For the unprepared mover, a sudden drop or shift in weight can cause major problems. Dropping something on a foot or hurting your back can quickly balloon the savings generated from doing it on your own to the price of a hospital visit. Why take the risk? We’re Portland apartment clean out professionals, and safety is our top priority.
  • Recycling – Large appliances often contain toxic materials like freon that are required by law to be disposed of properly. This costs time and effort when you do it yourself. When we perform an apartment clean out we take on the responsibility of disposing these hazardous appliances. We’ll take them to the appropriate center and ensure they get recycled properly, safely, and lawfully.
  • Time – When you need an apartment clean out in Portland, time is often of the essence. Clean outs involve much more than people often realize. It can be easy to look at individual rooms and underestimate the time it will take to perform a clean out. We’ve got the experience to accurately estimate a job, the equipment to make it happen quickly and without incident, and the ability to get it done on time.

Benefits of Apartment Clean Out & Property Manager Clean Up Services

Apartment Clean Out Portland

  • Pest Control – Junk can often harbor pests that do much more harm than you even realize. Rodents can chew on wires, destroying electrical systems. Cockroaches can spread disease and cause allergic reactions. Other pest types damage walls, carpeting, even plaster. Our property manager clean up in Portland helps to keep your property pest free. A clean environment is much less suitable for pests, and they are less likely to take up residence.
  • Allergen Removal – Property manager clean up in Portland also helps reduce allergens. In addition to allergy causing pests, paper and furniture that get wet can quickly being to grow mold and mildew. These spread, and once they get into vents or behind walls you could be looking at a major restoration cost. Our property manager clean up keeps this from becoming a problem.
  • Peace of Mind – A messy property is a value impaired property. Property manager clean up in Portland gives you peace of mind. We’ll handle the clean up that keeps out pests and damaging micro-organisms. Once you have a clean property, you can utilize it, bring it back to its full value, and make money from it. Don’t let your property sit in disarray.

When you want fast, effective, stress free apartment clean out and property manager clean up services call (503) 781-0737 or Contact Us today.