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Rental Property Clean Up Portland

Property Management Junk Removal Services

rental property clean up portlandFor quick and thorough rental property clean up in Portland, choose Charlie & Sons. There are several reasons you may require a rental property clean up. Often the renter who seemed good on paper was not so good in practice. This can leave you in a bind when it comes time to rent your property again. Bad rental property renters can leave behind dirt and debris, furniture, garbage, broken electronics, and even hazardous materials. There’s no need to remove these on your own when Charlie & Sons can perform a rental property clean up in Portland for you. We haul it all away, leaving you free to think about filling your rental property instead of what it is filled with.

Your Professional Rental Property Clean Up

There are so many reasons to choose Charlie & Sons for your rental property clean up in Portland. We’ve been in the rental property clean up business for over 20 years, and in that time we’ve seen, dismantled, and carted away just about anything you can think of. Tenants leave behind any number of things, and these extend to broken fixtures and carpeting as well. If you want it gone, we’ll take it!

Our rental property clean up procedures guarantee you won’t have to concern yourself with protocols. Items like batteries and mercury-containing televisions have to be disposed of properly. If you don’t do so, you can risk a huge fine and even possible jail time. Many appliances contain these non-disposable materials, but Charlie & Sons dispose of everything correctly and at the correct facility. Size doesn’t matter either. We have all of our equipment to move your unwanted appliance. This even extends to extra large appliances, like hot tubs.

Can’t I just do junk removal on my own?

rental property clean out portlandMany property owners don’t realize the hazards of self-removal before it is too late. Jobs may look small, or items may seem like they aren’t as heavy as they are at first, but all it takes is one misstep to break a bone or injure a back. At Charlie & Sons, our specialized equipment and removal handling procedures ensure the utmost safety for all involved. This extends to you as well. You don’t need to worry about rental property clean up injuries knowing you have the most capable, efficient, and experienced team in Portland on your side.

I have a large rental property I need to clean. Can you help?

Whatever the size of your property or extent of the cleanup, we can handle it. We’ve done rental property cleanups on everything from single bedroom apartments to multi-floor mansions, and everything in between. The larger the property, the more space a bad renter can use to accumulate trash. We move quickly and often perform complete rental property cleanups in a single day. That allows you to move your property as soon as possible because when junk is costing you money, you want it gone fast.

When you need efficient, experienced, and exceptional rental property clean up in Portland, you need Charlie & Sons. Call or contact us for rental property clean up today.