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Garbage Removal Portland

Trash Removal Near Me

Garbage Removal PortlandIf you have junk or garbage piling up and you feel helpless or don’t know how to handle it, give us a call at Charlie & Sons. We’ll be out to help you with the junk hauling in Portland in no time. We specialize in removing garbage from any property, and you will find your home clean and free of debris again after letting us handle the disposal process for you.

Junk or garbage can come in a variety of forms, and the more important items can pile up around your house or your property. Waste can give off bad smells, attract all sorts of pests, and even put you and your family at risk for disease and other problems. For this reason, any excessive garbage should be removed as soon as possible from your property.

Garbage Collection Service

Our staff is friendly and experienced in dealing with garbage and junk removal in Portland and surrounding areas. We love making properties look like their old selves again. Junk removal has been our business for years, and we will work directly with you to determine what our best course of action should be. If there is a lot of garbage to clean up, the process may take a little longer, but we will still be able to handle everything you need and get the trash to the proper dump or landfill. Trust us with your garbage removal, and you will have a clean property once again.

Garbage Removal Portland Oregon

If you have garbage piling up all over the place, don’t wait for a problem to arise. Dealing with the problem can quickly get too big to handle. Not to mention pests, disease, and other issues can affect you and your family if the garbage is left to sit around. Our staff is highly trained and can handle every step of the garbage removal in Portland process for you, making it as simple as picking up the phone.

Residential Trash Removal

If your yard is full of junk that you don’t want, most of it would be considered garbage. This includes such things as broken appliances too. If you’ve trimmed trees or had a significant project recently, we can help with yard debris removal as well.  And if you finally upgraded that old shed, let us do shed tear down and removal on the old one. We can get rid of any kind of junk! Give us a call today, and we can get right to work on cleaning up your property.