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Do Junk Removal Companies Recycle What Is Taken?

Recycling plays an integral role in environmental sustainability. It helps reduce the amount of waste we produce since it encourages the reuse of materials. If you care about the environment, you might be wondering what your junk removal service provider does with the stuff from your house. Does it all end up in a landfill somewhere, or do they recycle some of it? This post sheds light on how professional junk removal companies handle the waste.

What do junk removal companies do with the junk?

Most junk removal professionals will find the best eco-friendly way to get rid of your waste items. They separate recyclables from the rest of your junk and donate or repurpose reusable items. Most junk removal companies do not just dump everything in a landfill somewhere far away, where it will take up space for decades to come. Some junk haulers have their own recycling centers that they use before putting things into landfills.

Do all junk removal companies reuse?

Not every junk removal company will be able to do the right thing. Some might only dump your waste into landfills, but others can sort through recyclables and repurpose reusable items for you instead of donating them. To make sure that they are doing everything as sustainably as possible, you should ask them questions. If they do not have the answers you are looking for, it is time to find a new provider who will recycle at least some of your unwanted junk instead.

What junk can be recycled?

Many things thrown away can be recycled, but some junk is more challenging to recycle than others. It would help if you asked your provider how they do it before you agree to have them pick up the items in your home. Here are a few examples of what they might take:
•Computer equipment, including printers and scanners
•Metal items, such as appliances or metal toys
•Old cell phones
•Glass bottles and jars (leave the lids on)
•Plastic bottles, including shampoo and conditioner containers
•Paper items like newspapers or magazines, etc.

Some junk removal companies charge for recycling services, but others do it free of cost. The benefit is that you can make sure your waste does not end up in a landfill somewhere. If they do the right thing by repurposing reusable materials or donating them, they will reduce harm to the ecosystem.

How else do junk removal services dispose of waste responsibly?

Aside from recycling, junk removal companies will find a way to eliminate your waste without harming the environment safely. For instance, some might have incinerators to burn the junk they collect. Incineration happens when companies use heat to break down materials into smaller pieces to fit inside a landfill. This is more common in rural areas where landfills are not nearby or do not exist, but there are still ways to get rid of waste responsibly. In some cases, some of your salvageable items may be donated to charity instead of being thrown away.

How can I get rid of my waste responsibly?

You cannot just assume that all junk removal services know how to properly dispose of what belongs in the landfill. You will need to research and find out if they recycle some of what you take or throw away instead. If the junk removal company cannot recycle at least some things, look for another provider who can help with sustainability efforts. Also, watch out not to dispose of any hazardous waste without contracting the professionals.

Why is recycling important?

Unwanted Household Item Pickup

Recycling is important because it will save resources and prevent pollution. It also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions that come from waste being thrown away in landfills, which are already bad for the environment. For example, recycling steel products can help you cut back on greenhouse gases by around 90%. If your provider does not have a recycling center, they may take your waste to a landfill instead. You should ask them how often they do this and if there are other ways the junk is disposed of responsibly before you sign up for their services.

What should I look for in a junk removal company?

Aside from their recycling efforts, it would be best to consider other factors when choosing a junk removal provider. These include:

Quality service

If a junk removal company is going to provide you with the best possible experience, they should answer all your concerns and make sure that everything goes your way. Try to look for service providers who will do the job professionally without causing damage to your belongings.


It would help to do a little bit of research into your provider before you contract the junk removal job. Look for reviews on the internet and make sure they are not engaged in illegal activities like illegally dumping waste or charging extra fees after you sign up for their junk hauling services. If anything does seem off, move on to another local junk removal service provider.


Whether or not you can afford the junk removal cost depends on your situation, but you might want to opt for something affordable enough for you in the long run. A good company will offer decent rates while still providing quality trash removal services like recycling.

Need Junk Removal Services?

If you want someone to get rid of your household waste responsibly, look no further than Charlie & Sons! We have been in the professional junk removal industry for decades, and our employees are committed to sustainability efforts and can help you dispose of waste without harming the environment. Contact us at your earliest convenience for a free garbage removal Portland quote!

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Do Junk Removal Companies Recycle What Is Taken?

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